Guess what?

18 Dec

I have moved again! I have spent the last couple days learning about webhosting, and domains and all kinds of stuff that went right over my head. But I think I have it mostly figured out, so you can now find my blog at…drumroll please…..

Hope you like it! See you there!

Maui Day 4

15 Dec

So here we are still in Maui. It really is lovely here. We haven’t done very much over the last couple of days. J was being his super crusty self yesterday so we mostly just stayed in a vegged.

Today we got up, did some yoga, made smoothies, and then headed out to Whole Foods Market. I have been pretty obsessed with reading food blogs (thanks Cass!) since I got here and found some recipes that I have been dying to try, so we had to go to WF to get ingredients, plus we were running low on supper foods. On Monday night we had this to die for turkey burgers from WF called, Cowboy burgers. They were premade patties that we got from the butcher with cheese, peppers and bacon inside. They were really good. I had a couple bites before I snapped the picture:

Sexy plates huh?

We were both pretty hungry at WF, so we picked up a couple of their asian bowls to go. I go the Orange Chicken and J got the Shrimp Fried Rice. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of J’s, but here’s a look at mine:

J said his was delicious! Mine was good, but I don’t think I was really in the mood for it, I was just sooo hungry.

After lunch, we drove down to Keawakapu beach, and went for a nice long walk. There is nothing like walking barefoot in the sand listening to the waves crash on the beach, with the warm saltwater licking your ankles. It truly is paradise. I find is so calming and so soothing. It was really good for both us; took all our crustiness away ;).

I’ve been having fun playing with the monochrome setting on my camera can you tell? Check out these little bird prints I found, they were everywhere:

There are all these beautiful houses on the beach, and whenever we’re here, J and I dream about becoming billionaires and buying one some day. I think this is the one I would choose:

What do you think? Would you come and stay with me? Imagine views! We could sit on the balcony and drink our morning tea/coffee/smoothie watch whales. It would be amazing. It’s going on my dream board (well I don’t actually have a dream board, too much work, but if I did, it would definitely be up there!)

After our walk, it was time to make brownies. Can you believe it? I am in Maui and I’m baking. Surprisingly enough, the condo had every tool I needed. A hand mixer, mixing bowls, measuring cups, measuring spoons and even a pyrex dish to bake in.

These brownies are very decadent and oh so delicious! Probably the best I have ever tasted, let alone made (if I do say so myself). You have to try this recipe. It’s gluten free and relatively healthy. They have no flour, and are made with almond butter, agave (a low glycemic index natural sweetener – there is a lot of controversy over this sweetener lately, but if you get the light organic kind and exercise moderation, I think you are fine), eggs, cocoa and chocolate chips. That’s basically it. If I was being a dairy person, I would eat mine with a large glass of milk or a big scoop of ice cream, but because I am not, I am devouring mine with a glass of water. So yummy!

Now that I have filled up on brownies, it’s time to make supper! (Sorry Mom.)


15 Dec

Have you guys seen this commercial for Logitech Revue with Kevin Bacon? Here in Maui, we aren’t quite as spoiled as we are at home so we don’t have a PVR, so we’ve been seeing lots of funny commercials. This is my favorite one (pay special attention to the tree stump):

Hope you like it!

Day 1 of our first Month-long trip

13 Dec

So we didn’t really do anything yesterday, it was so nice! We got up, got ready, and headed out to Stella Blue’s for breakfast.

It was really tasty, although I don’t think that I really like pancakes anymore. I just couldn’t get into them for some reason. I’m afraid my love of some junk foods, isn’t really based on yumminess, I think it’s based on comfort. Uh-oh!

After breakfast, it was off to Whole Foods Market for groceries. We got lots of delicious things, and then headed home. After unpacking the groceries, we just vegged. It was so nice. Then we went for a relaxing walk around the complex and then onto the beach.

Here is look at the green space at our complex/resort:

The pool area:

The pool area is pretty big with lots of chairs, but the pool itself is a little on the small side considering the amount of people who might jump in at any given time. And this is a very family oriented place with tons of kids, so I was expecting the pool to be a little bigger, or for there to at least be two. But oh well, who needs the pool, when you have the ocean and beach right across the street.

There is the Kihei Surfside, which is where we stayed in November, not very far down the road from where we are now.

This is Kamaole III, it’s the beach right across the street from us. It’s okay, but definitely not as nice as Keawakapu Beach, which is about 5 minutes away, and the beach that we normally go to.  Still, it is gorgeous!

We walked to the end of Kamaole III, down to Kamaole II which turned out to be way less rocky and a lot nicer too. I think that is where we will send the boys, but they will more than likely want to head the other direction to Keawakapu as it is by far the nicest beach in our area.

On the way back to the condo, we passed Kamaole Sands’ main entry way and I couldn’t help but take pictures of the beautiful flowers. I wish that we could grow such vibrant coloured flowers at home!

After our walk, we did some more vegging, had a small dinner, and then it was off to an early bedtime! It was very relaxing!

This morning we were more ambitious and started the morning with Yoga. I love yoga, when I do it, because you feel so good afterwards. J has always wanted to try it, as he has been told it would improve his flexibility, and thereby improve his golf game. So I brought a couple yoga DVDs with us, and we did a 30 minute workout first thing this morning. It was tough, and neither of us is nearly as flexible as we would like to be, but we did enjoy the savasana (relaxation) at the end. And we were very proud of ourselves for getting up and exercising!

After yoga, we showered and then did another really healthy thing, drank smoothies! I brought my Vitamix along with us, which was a struggle in itself (my suitcase was bang on 50lbs, so luckily we didn’t have to pay  an extra $70 for overweight luggage, stupid Air Canada). I love smoothies and really wanted my amazing blender here, because a) I love smoothies, b) we are away for a month, and c) there are so many wonderful, ripe and delicious fruits for me to put in them, here on Maui. And really there is no other blender once you start using a Vitamix. (If you are at all interested in getting one, I highly recommend it.  I have seen them lots of times at Costco, where they do awesome demos. Did you know the vitamix can make hot soup? Check it out! They also carry them at Community Natural Foods.)

Now we are just chillin’. J is working and I am blogging and reading yummy food blogs, and procrastinating about what I really should be doing, and that is working on my course.

Aloha for now!


13 Dec

Yup, we are in Maui again. Again! I know I can hardly believe it! I am happy to be here, but I have to admit that I was feeling very spoiled and guilty. I feel guilty that all my family and friends can’t be here with us, and guilty that I won’t be home spending Christmas with them. I was also feeling like I don’t deserve this. Sometimes I feel like the rug could get pulled out from under me at any moment. Do you know what I mean? I really struggle in these negative thoughts, and sometimes get myself into a real funk while we are away. Anyways, this morning I checked my email and this is what I got:

Here’s your Daily Dose of Gratitude!

Be grateful that you are worthy. You are worthy of all the wondrous
things in your life, just because you are you! Is there anything in
your life that you don’t fully feel like you deserve? Practice
saying, “I am worthy” and owning the fact that you are worthy of it.

Enjoy this day!

You see, I signed up for a Daily Dose of Gratitude email a long time ago, and I find that just when I need it, I get the perfect thing. Today was one of those days. Instead of feeling guilty and undeserving, I am doing my best to be grateful for the opportunity and abundance in my life and am trying to send positivity out into the world, instead of negative thoughts. This email was exactly what I needed to help me snap out of that negativity. Anyways, I really wanted to share this with you dear reader, as I think it important for each of us to know that we are special and we are worthy, and with this attitude of gratitude we can create more abundance in our world.  Like attracts like, so thinking good thoughts attracts good things. Well enough mushy stuff…back to the blog.

So we are in Maui. This time we are staying at a resort called Kamaole Sands. It is still in Kihei, and I’m not sure why they call it a resort, as it is just a bunch of condo buildings like usual. I guess it’s a little different as it has a little gym, a ping pong table, and tennis courts, but other than that it is mostly like everywhere else we have stayed. It is right across from Kamaole Beach III, just down from Keawakapu beach, which is the beach we are usually close to.

Our unit is super nice. We will be in this unit until the boys get here, and then we are moving to another unit that is a little bigger. The only bummer is that our unit is near the back of the property so we don’t have the best view of the ocean or beach, but we do have a nice view of the common green area. Here are some pics:

Pretty nice huh? It’s bigger than the place we stayed in at Kihei Surfside, and it has been recently renovated which is really nice. It has a king size bed that is really comfy and two bathrooms. The lanai is a little bit bigger too.

Okay, well there is a look at our condo, I think that’s a long enough post for now. I hope that you are all well and happy, and I will talk to you more later!

Happy Birthday Kira!!

23 Nov

Today is my neice Kira’s 4th Birthday!! I can’t believe that she is four already! It seems like only yesterday that I was holding her in my arms for the first time. I instantly fell in love!

OMG, what an awful picture of me, but isn’t Kira the sweetest?

Lucky for me I got invited to some special celebrations, and I had so much fun!! I also brought my other adorable niece along for the festivites. It was so good to have girl time!

First we started out with bowling. Here are my two favorite girls getting ready to put on their fancy bowling shoes!

Here they are taking a break and doing a little cheering. I tell ya, if you havne’t gone bowling with your own little cheering squad, then you haven’t really been bowling.

Then it was into the mall, for some Happy Birthday singing and eating of cupcakes.

They were pretty entranced by the nearby Carousel, so they went on that next. But being the silly Auntie I am, I didn’t get any pictures of that. It was actually going around really fast, so they probably wouldn’t have turned out.

For the finale, it was off to Build-A-Bear Workshop. I don’t know who invented this place, but whoever it was, is a genius! We had so much fun! I would have loved this place when I was a little girl! Who am I kidding? I’ll probably be going there tomorrow to make myself a bear ;). The girls really enjoyed it too, and it was nice because they made a big fuss over Kira because it was her birthday and everything. My favourtie part was the heart. They get this little heart, and they wisper to it to wake it up, they press it to get it pumping, then they rub it on their own hearts to fill it with love, rub it on their ears so the bear will be able to hear all their secrets, and then they kiss it and put it inside the bear. It was so cute!!

Sorry the pictures aren’t the greatest, I only used my iPhone, which really is retarded. I should have brought my real camera, but alas, I didn’t. Well anyways I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and was so grateful to be a part of the celebrations! So thanks to Cass & Rob for inviting me, and to Kira for sharing her special day with me! I had so much fun!

Happy Birthday Kira!!

Today’s Lunch

19 Nov

I had the best lunch ever today! I found this awesome place called Joy’s Place last time we were here, and we finally made our way over there. I started with a green smoothie, which was so delicious that I drank it all before I got back to my camera.

It had Maui grown collard greens, cucumber, avocado, banana, and apple juice in it. Soooo good!

Then I had a veggie wrap, with assorted veggies, humus on a sprouted grain tortilla. It was super good too. Definitely the best way to eat lots of veggies.

And finally for dessert, a live chocolate mousse. It’s made with raw cacao, irish moss, brazil nut milk, and agave. Yum! Yum!

If I had my way, we would have been eating there everyday!



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